Lime rendering grade 2 listed building Falmouth

Traditional Build Heritage Services in Cornwall

This is our latest project in Falmouth.

We were contacted by a customer wanted to be sure they were adhering to the regulations of having a Grade 2 Listed building. Previous works had been completed by builders that did not have the skills and knowledge required to restore this magnificent house as they had not used the correct methods and materials. For the first phase, we removed the cementitious render which should never have been applied.

After removing the old render we applied the first coat (harling coat).

Here are some pictures of the second coat (scratch coat) being applied. One this is laid
on we rule off to a flat finish then rub with a devil float to get a flat finish for the top coat.

Now we apply the third and final coat. The finish is floated to a flat finish ready to be cut.

This technique is known as Ashlar cutting. In order to get the ‘block’ effect which was popular at the time the property was built,
we use specialist tools to carve the pattern into the render. This takes time, and a high level of skill to set out and is then cut by hand by our craftsmen.

We also used the same techniques for the plinth area carving in the detail with a different finish.

Finally we painted the property with the correct mineral paint in order that the render can breathe. It’s very satisfying to bring this historic building back to its former glory!