Limecrete Floor St Buryan Cornwall

Fitting Limcrete Flooring St. Buryan Cornwall

Grade 2 Listed Farmhouse St Buryan.

The original floors had serious damp problems throughout. So we decided to think outside the box on this one.

Conventional concrete floors do not perform well in traditional buildings, due to the fact that the building is constructed with breathable materials eg granite and lime.

So we decided to lay a limecrete floor.

With Limecrete flooring there is no damp proof membrane. This enables the floor to breath with the rest of the building.

Digging the floors out is no mean feat. We found a 1.5 tonne piece of granite in the kitchen, which we had to split the old fashioned way. #hardwork

Below are some images of laying recycled foam glass insulation. This will make it ready for the underfloor heating!!!! Also Shown below